Are You Team Drugstore or High-end?

Stephanie Candalaria, Writer

Lipsticks can either make or break your look, doesn’t matter whether it’s high end brands or drugstore brands. People have their own opinions about the lipsticks that they used before.
“If you like bold lips or even a neutral one, you should make sure it’s a good quality no matter if it’s expensive or not,” said Fatima Hernandez (12).
Based on your opinion and the lipsticks that you have tried you may be biased. Some high end lipsticks like “Jeffree Star” or “Fenty Beauty” are worth it. Brands like “Gucci” or “Chanel” are not, you can find a much better lipsticks for a way lower price.
If you want invest in a good matte lipstick, go with a high end lipstick like “Jeffree Star” ($18).
On the other hand, if you are on a budget, the Colour Pop Matte lipstick ($7) is an affordable good quality lipstick. Colourpop is also a good option if you enjoy Kylie cosmetics since they are both made in the same factory, but unlike Kylie cosmetics, Colourpop is affordable.
“I’ve discovered that Colourpop sells matte lipsticks for much cheaper so I had to buy it and test it out myself. I ended up loving it more than my matte lipstick from Kylie Cosmetics,” Mariah Gonzalez (12) comments.
Want a good glossy lipstick? Go with E.L.F they have a good quality and budget-friendly glossy lipstick for just ($3). But if you want to feel boujee then go for the Jeffree star lip ammunition ($18).
If you want some opinions and reviews, YouTube and Google are great sources. Make-up artists, aka MUAs, go in depth when it comes to reviewing makeup. Jeffree star dominates the beauty gru community with his insightful makeup reviews. Higher-end doesn’t always mean a higher quality products, there are good lipsticks in all price ranges. Something that you like, other may not agree on. It is all based on what type of shade and feeling you want when putting on a lipstick. Every lipstick is different. Just because someone gets expensive makeup doesn’t mean you have to follow in their footsteps. Make your own choices when choosing a lipstick. Go for a different lip color that you never knew you would try, it might just surprise you.