Behind the Wheel Blunders

Alyssa Campos, Writer

For the people who drive, I’m sure you’ve done a handful of stupid things while you were behind the wheel. Whether it was not paying attention while you were texting or talking or maybe you accidentally hit another car while it was parked, you’ve definitely had a moment like this.
Anthony Ramirez (11) states how one time when he was backing up, he accidentally hit the parked car that was behind him. He tells how he didn’t realize how close he had gotten and what he was supposed to do right after. He ended up driving off in a panic and then realized that the car he hit had a camera and that he was getting into trouble.
“I literally froze when I felt that slight push against my car. I didn’t know if I should immediately take off and forget about it or stay and take responsibility,” admits Ramirez.
Jonathan Juarez (12) goes to house parties almost every Saturday and just happened to make this one mistake out of all the times. He was admitted that this was the first time he had done this in his whole life and hoped it wouldn’t happen again because it was a rough way home at 2 a.m..
“One time me and my friends were on our way to a party that was about an hour away from my house and halfway there we ran out of gas and got stranded. I hadn’t noticed my gas was low, I forgot I was the one who had to refill the tank,” Juarez explains.
Martin Serna (11) doesn’t own a car, but that doesn’t stop him or his best friend from cruising down the streets or to different places.
“Even though I’m not supposed to be driving I practice at night by myself and this one time I was trying to park and accidentally back up into the curb and scratched the bottom of the car. Nobody noticed until a month later,” says Serna.
So take sure you take caution when you’re out driving and hope you don’t make any of these (or other) mistakes.