How To Stay Warm Yet Fashionable

Becky Morales, Writer

Start the new year with a new style. There’s no need to purchase new clothes when you can work with the clothes already have. The clothes you own have much more potential than you realize.
Now that we’re in the season of winter you’ll need to pull out some of the warmest clothes in your wardrobe such as long sleeves, coats, scarfs, beanies, and jeans.
Typically winter fashion consists of dark colors. To create an original look you can mix and match bright colors with darks. When trying to create a new style summer clothing can be paired with winter season clothing.
For ladies there’s no need to entirely put your summer clothes away. Dresses or skirts can be altered to be warm and paired with booties, sheer leggings, or a coat. Tank tops can be paired with coats or cardigans.
“My favorite thing to pair are skirts with turtlenecks, long coats, and some booties,” says Saray Ramirez (12)

For the boys flannels and T-shirts are one the most common trends to wear. When paired together they can cozy and become apart of your new style. Wearing beanies or hats can be a nice accessory to be paired with any kinds of outfits.
Wearing hoodies with an oversized jacket on top can also appear to be very fashionable. Typically wearing boots would be uncomfortable for most guys. Boots for men can be apart of your new and improved style. As well as adding a scarf to your outfit can be apart of your new style for winter fashion.