Keep Your Stomach and Wallet Full With These Foods

Evelyn Vasquez, Writer

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There are so many brands that make cheap versions of food. The focus is on speed and ease not quality.
Most of these cheap foods are able to be made in the microwave. Cup of noodles is a very well-known example of this. They are meant to be a cheap version of ramen. Cup of noodles can be bought alone or by the pack for affordable prices. Also, a packet of Maruchan ramen only costs about 13 cents each, while ramen at a restaurant can cost up to $10.
Chef Boyardee is an easy way of making fast Italian food at the cost of $2.50. Going to an Olive Garden can cost you up to $20 plus wait time, just like any restaurant.
Another food that requires waiting time is pizza. Although the cheap version can cost $5.99, you still have to prepare the pizza yourself, which could take longer than ordering one. Pizza Hut and Dominoes always have coupons available, so a medium costs around $15.99.
Of course it depends on the person and whether they want to experience making their own pizza.
Mini pizza rolls are much faster than making your own pizza. They are a fun size snack that is easy to prepare and that you can have while watching TV. The price for a 120 count costs $8.98 at Walmart.
A burrito at Chipotle can cost you $6.50, while a frozen burrito that you throw in the microwave is $3.42. There are many options, plus, you can usually get a 2 for $1 deal on frozen burritos at the grocery store.
The brand Eggo allows you to make a quick morning treat in the form of French toast, waffles, and of course, pancakes. This is a great way of having a fast IHOP experience. The wait times at the restaurants themselves get really long, which does not bode well with a rumbling tummy.
The problem with cheap food is usually it’s a sacrifice of health. Consumers that the portions are smaller but calories may increase as well as salt, fat, and preservatives. Even though you get a quicker meal, you don’t get the same quantity or quality, so it depends on what you prefer. Another problem are the added condiments, which are not the healthiest options.
“I believe real food is always the best option because it’s fresh, and you don’t always know what is in the cheap version. I think it depends on the type of food, but I don’t think it’s as good as the real thing,” adds Tuchez.
Even so, people already know this and don’t buy these foods hoping for a healthy meal.
The main appeal of these quick foods are their convenience, ease of preparation, and, of course, low prices.
Remember that there is nothing wrong with buying cheap food over the real one. Once in a while, cheap food does save students time and money when they are starving.