Year of the Boar Welcomes Wealth

Bryan Macias, Writer

Chinese New Year is a holiday celebrated by over half the population of earth. While it may seem like the competitor to the American version, Chinese New Year has many qualities unique to its holiday.
Chinese New Year is also celebrated as “Lunar New Year” by Vietnamese and Chinese cultures.
This holiday is rooted deeply in Chinese tradition and is more of an event than just simply celebrating the new year. The holiday dates back as far as 1766 B.C.E. Despite it’s obvious name, anyone can participate in the fun activities and partake of the delicious food.
Here are just some of the things you can try to get into the feel of Chinese New Year and help celebrate this historic and cherished holiday.
Probably the most well known tradition related to Chinese New Year is the red envelope exchange. The envelopes contain money and are generally given from the elderly to unmarried adults or children. The money is always to be given in even numbers, as odd numbers are associated with funerals.
The new year and the idea of change is also seen through the countless other celebrations associated with the holiday, such as: dragon dances, lion dances, fireworks, and chunlian decorations. There’s plenty of options to keep you busy for the event that is Chinese New Year.
The entire event is spread across fifteen days, all starting with day one on January 5th. Many of the days have certain themes and ask of you to do certain things like through away the garbage to ward off evil ghosts and a day where you eat dumplings for good luck.
It all ends January 19th, which is traditionally celebrated with a festival known as the lantern festival where people walk the streets with lanterns in search of romance. The entire holiday proved to be a huge step up from our traditional countdown.
“I have a lot of fun during the Chinese New Year events as there’s always something going on,” says Natalie Gomez (10).
Another important part of the new years event is the food. Dumplings are the go to during these 15 days as they can be found everywhere. Its tradition to eat pork and chicken on these days as it is important to recognize the significance of the meat. A hot pot is also shared at most festivals as well as specialty meats like duck and lobster.
The main thing to recognize when discussing and learning about Chinese New Year is that it’s not a comparison between different culture, but more of an appreciation of their culture. There are many things important to celebrating Chinese New Year and it helps to find out what.