Ulta vs. Sephora: Let’s Make-Up Our Minds

Sonia Lopez, Writer

Both Sephora and Ulta are probably the best beauty makeup stores, but which one is it really better?
The good thing about Ulta beauty store is that it carries both luxury and drugstore brands, which is nearly almost double what luxury beauty Sephora carries.
Ulta carries close to 500 brands that include the luxurious Anastasia Beverly Hills and Too Faced as well as the affordable NYX and e.l.f. Cosmetics.
This variety means you can find beauty products prices anywhere from $3 to more than $100, which is very good if you are trying to stay on a budget.
Jennifer Lorenzo (11) says, “I prefer Ulta because they have a wide variety of high end and low end brands. They also sell products other than makeup. Ulta is more affordable than Sephora.”
Ulta also offers its own product line, which includes makeup, skin care and bath and body products. These Ulta exclusive line, the ULTA Collection, have stellar reviews and won’t cost you a fortune to own.
Sephora on the other hand only focuses on stocking luxury brands. Sephora’s focus on luxury brands means that you can pick up products from huge brands such as Fenty Beauty, Huda Beauty, and Artis in the same place. Sephora’s own collection (the Sephora Collection) is also highly-regarded as top-quality and beautiful.
Jaylene Montano (11) says, “I think Sephora is better because it has more high end products that Ulta does not carry. Not only that, they give discounts and rewards their loyal clients and brand representatives.”
For this luxury, you’ll be paying a steeper price. Still, Sephora really tries to make it worth it; their rewards program works so that you earn points for every purchase you make. These points take off money from your future order. They also give you free mini products when you’re t check out.
Either way, both make-up chains do their best to introduce their customers to incredible variety and specialty items.