Valentines gifts

Prisilla Gomez, Writer

Looking for something to get your significant other? You’re in the perfect place.
Most people want to know what they’re significant other is getting them so they spend the same amount of money. But Valentines Day isn’t about the money, it’s about the thought each of you put into one another’s gift.
Of course we all want to get our significant others a nice expensive gift, but it would be thoughtful to include a creative gift from the heart.
Some guys usually have difficulties with being creative. Here are a few ideas.
You could make a photo album with pictures of you two or give her a personalized necklace, such as a locket. You can also never go wrong with making a gift basket with all the things she loves and maybe even add a stuffed animal for that final touch. A mason jar filled with notes to reasons as to why you love her can be a creative way to show your affection for her.
“My girlfriend really appreciated the locket I put together of us”, says Jose Galvez.(12)
Store bought gifts can also be a good alternative if you aren’t that crafty. Some common gifts to buy are jewelry, clothing, shoes, makeup, vanity mirrors, perfumes, scented lotions, chocolates, snacks, and flowers.
A tip for you fellas out there, Sephora or Ulta is the place to go to buy makeup. If you plan to buy scented items, taking a trip to Bed Bath and Body Works or Victoria Secret is usually the way to go.
Whether the gift is store bought or hand-made, girls will appreciate your thought and effort no matter what it is.
Now for the women! Ladies, men appreciate creative gifts just as much as woman do.
Baking cookies or sweets can be a great gift to give to your boyfriend. Like the saying goes, a best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
Another great gift to make him is a multi-picture frame, a scrapbook with all the memories that you two had together or a candy gift basket with cheesy notes.
On the other hand, you can never go wrong with some store bought items, such as cologne, video games, airpods, clothes, branded hoodies ,shoes, branded socks, beanies and hats, or his favorite team jersey.
Keep in mind of prices should always be affordable. Keep caustious for store ripoffs because they tend to do so. Good luck with the perfect gift and always remember, it’s the thought that counts.