Badminton Becomes Undefeated League Champs


Dayanara Flores, Writer

With 12 wins and 0 losses, badminton is undefeated. After almost three decades badminton finally made league champs. They put in so much time and dedication into the sport and you can see it on the court.
Badminton is a sport that takes lots of skills and reflexes. The players love the game because there is always room for improvement.
The last home game was against Nogales and was their senior night. The team was finished with their season and confirmed their undefeated title.
Next up the team prepares for pre-lims and after that they are on to finals. More people moved on to finals this year than from the previous years.
Tony Nguyen (12) and Sarah Nguyen (12) won 1st in mixed doubles.
Han Nguyen (12) and Ken Bui (12) placed 1st for boys doubles and Meng Khuo (10) and Nicolas Reyes (11) placed 3rd.
The coaches selected Tony Nguyen and Han Nguyen as captains for the varsity team. They are a great pair for captains because they are determined and they love to play.
They work hard and encourage others. They are everything that a captain should be.
“Sierra Vista was the hardest school because the scores were so close 11- 10,” commented Tony Nguyen (12).
They have nine seniors on the varsity team and it’s such a great way to end their senior year undefeated. They have a great support system behind them with the coaches, parents and their teammates.
Badminton is now moving on to CIF. Sadly the Badminton team lost CIF round two against Long Beach Poly by a score of 6-15.
Now the team is preparing for CIF individuals. More people this year qualified for CIF individuals than last year.
H. Nguyen (12), Bui (12), Reyes (11), and Khuo (10) represented the Miramonte League boys double at Arcadia.
T. Nguyen (12) and S. Nguyen (12) competed at Arcadia as mixed doubles. They placed 7th in the southern seciotionals and moved onto the second round at regionals.