Cancel culture

Bryan Macias, Writer

With so many celebrities now being judged for their past, it’s a matter of time to find out who’s next for the cancel culture.

As you may or may not know, cancel culture is when numerous people start attacking a celebrity in attempts to get rid of their fame, usually due to a discovery of the person’s past. Essentially, its when people try to ruin someone’s career to cancel out what their famous for. Many examples in recent times have shown how dangerous this kind of thinking is and the effects it has on the target.

One more recent example of cancel culture happened to movie director James Gunn. When looking through his old tweets, fans found some rather questionable tweets joking about sexual harassment. James Gunn explains that these were merely jokes and that he meant nothing by it, but the damage was already done. This brought up the cancel culture, as many who were unhappy with the jokes called for Gunn to be fired as a director and his career ended. The situation got so bad that he was fired by Disney from directing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3. This mob mentality even turned fans against him and the situation was only resolved when people eventually just forgot about it and moved on to the next celebrity on the chopping block.

“I thought the whole situation was really dumb, you’re trying to end someone’s career off of a couple of bad jokes mad years ago”, Luis Gomez 10

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has also received a lot of backlash recently for his actions. Biden has had a history of being really friendly with people he meets, not anything inappropriate but still more touchy than most. In a recent meeting, two women accused him of sexual harassment for putting his hands on their shoulders. The charges were eventually dropped, but the damage was already done. Biden’s presidential campaign is in threats of ending and the backlash of seems to be growing.

Other examples recently have involved famous youtubers, who are under scrutiny for previous jokes and videos that now seem questionable. But that’s the thing, when the jokes were made, they were seen as ok as that’s what was acceptable at the time. It’s only when looking back at it that it becomes apparent how inappropriate those jokes were. The main excuse people give is that they realize it’s bad now, but didn’t at the time. What used to be acceptable no longer is and now looks really bad on your file. People change, though, and its after all this time that people are realizing they’re mistakes. I don’t believe people should be judged so harshly by they’re past words. As the times change, so does public thought and the social standards in our culture.

Cancel culture is a dangerous mentality that has serious ramifications for the person involved. That’s not to say people can’t be ridiculed, but this push for mob-like hate towards a single person does more harm than good. I believe this kind of thinking is harmful towards society and is only distancing our relationship with each other. It’s not a good way of addressing the issues and makes it overall more confusing.