Cats at Bassett

Bryan Macias, Writer

Though many famous feet have set foot on campus, none seem quite as welcome as the paws of the cats who’ve made a home here at Bassett.

Now exactly who these cats are or how they got to Bassett isn’t quite clear, but we do know that they’ve been here for a while. Sightings have gone as far back as 2015, but it’s not yet clear is those were the same cats. Its presumed that they’ve always been stray cats that managed to get into the school and set up a home somewhere. For the safety of the cats, we can’t disclose exactly where they live, but sightings of the cats have been reported all around the school. At this time, we know of three distinct cats: a black one, a brown one, and one missing a tail.

“I wouldn’t say they’re the best looking cats, but they’re still pretty cute. I’m happy they feel safe here,” Aldo Salcedo (12).

While we may not have much factual information on the cats, some connections can be made regarding who they are. Seeing as how they are often seen together, we can assume they either come from the same litter or have spent a lot of time together. One cat is noticeably missing a tail, but he doesn’t seem to mind at all.

All the cats seem extremely comfortable around humans, so either they’ve been at Bassett for a long time, interacting with the students, or they had a previous owner. I’d like to think the cats spent time on the streets, hardened by the crime and drugs that shaped them into the tough cats they are today, not even humans can scare them. Or they’ve just been at Bassett for a couple of years and are too lazy to avoid the humans. We may never know how they got here, but it looks like they’re not leaving anytime soon.

“I don’t know how the cats got here, but now that they’re here, I hope they never leave. We should pay them for the work they do guarding the school,” Jesus Ortiz (10).

The cats at Bassett seem to be a welcome addition to the school. They help clean up the vermin on campus and they get a home and food, a true win win. However exciting they may seem, it is important to remember that they also need their space. Just because they’re celebrities doesn’t mean you can harass them all the time, let them feel welcome in their new home.