Mental Calmness for Finals

The Intruder

The Intruder

Jennifer Medrano, Writer

It’s the end of the year and the finals are coming. Stress levels are rising and people are panicking to get one more bit of last minute studying in.

Through the stresses of finals, one sometimes forgets to remember themselves. The stress gets to them and before they know it, they’re in a big pile of emotions that they don’t know how to control.

Lucia Medina (11) is just about ready to give up on her finals. “I’m just going to start panicking. I’m already done with finals to be quite honest. It really be rough out here, fellas.”

One can’t simply say “Stop stressing over finals” because to some, it makes or breaks their year.

Studying and trying hard to pass finals is important, but one shouldn’t overdo it. So how exactly does one bring the calmness in a period of emotional frenzy?


Let’s start with the “free” options.

  1. Listen to calming music (indie, classical, white noise)
  2. Lay around and do nothing
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Dim your lights or have a low light setting to ease your mind into a calm space
  5. Develop a set schedule for studying so you don’t overwork yourself
  6. Don’t study more than you should (the set schedule could help you with this)
  7. Choose a quiet place to study and make sure you are not interrupted or distracted
  8. Don’t follow the trend and consume crazy amounts of caffeine
  9. Practice positive thinking
  10. Follow a sleep schedule
  11. Warm drinks can have calming properties, so have a cup of tea or hot chocolate on hand to calm some nerves you might have


There are many other different things to do so you could de-stress, but finding your own methods and schedule can greatly benefit the process of getting rid of your stress.


Now, if you have a bit of extra money to spend, then try these options.

  1. Buy some essential oils and salts and practice relaxing with them
  2. Treat yourself, go out and indulge yourself with things that make you happy
  3. Get an essential oil diffuser and meditate as you breathe in your favorite calming scents
  4. Weighted blankets are a bit expensive, but they can provide comfort and reduce anxiety
  5. Lava lamps can add a calming effect on those who have one
  6. Water features give one the noise necessary to blank out for a moment and not worry about their stresses

There are many methods to reduce stress, but these are a few that you can possibly try if you are desperate for some de-stressing.