Retiring Teachers

Nathan Torres, Writer

Teachers are the backbone in helping students grow mentally and have a vital role in our school system. Ms. Peraza, Mrs. Steward, and Ms. Roman will all be retiring this year and have impacted many student’s lives and believed in them, inspiring them as they take every step towards their goal.

Nitza Peraza is known as the head of the math department and has been teaching at Bassett for 33 years. Her favorite thing about teaching has been watching students turn into young adults and considers her students and staff “a small family.” She finds it funny how she has had some of her current student’s parents in the past but enjoy seeing how much everybody has grown. She has learned that patience is the most important thing when teaching teenagers, and although teaching teenagers can be a hassle, the students will be the thing she misses the most.

“Ms. Peraza is the one of the most knowledgeable woman I know. She takes charge and doesn’t baby students so that they can actually learn the material. She gives students opportunities and encourages students to try out problems on their own. She once said that “math is power” but I believe that her spirit inspires students,” said Desiree Alvarado (12).

Riccarla Roman is the head of the drama class at Bassett High School and also teaches English. She has been teaching at Bassett for 20 years and enjoys meeting new students and teaching them things they might have not known before. She was able to teach drama at Bassett for the first time in 20 years ago and has been doing it ever since. The thing she will miss the most is the drama class and all of the students who have been enrolled in that class. She believes that retiring is “The beginning of the rest of your life” and is ready for the next phase of her life.

“Mrs. Roman always motivates us to do our best on any project we’re working on. She made my four years of high school super enjoyable and has done much to contribute towards Drama. Her heart is with the students and Bassett will miss her,” said Jonathan Juarez.

Wendy Steward teaches a handful of science classes at Bassett, including honors and AP classes. She has been teaching for 17 years and has had much time to appreciate the community. She learned that she has to be flexible with her students and extremely patient sometimes. Although teenagers can sometimes be a pain, her hard work pays off by many of the “heart-melting things students do” such as bringing her flowers or surprising her with many kind acts. She will miss the good times she has had with the students and teachers and is grateful for all the memories she has made at Bassett High School.

“Mrs. Steward is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet on campus. She tries to make sure that everybody is safe and comfortable in the environment. She cares so much about her students and is an amazing teacher overall. ” said Naddya Bringas (12).