Softball’s Last Inning


Yanisbell Mejia, Writer

Softball has a current league standing of last place with a record of 1-8.
The teams hopes of making CIF, but has been taken away due to the lack of performance that was displayed during the season.
After losing their preseason game against Nogales, a division 5 team by 10 runs with a score of 10 -2, the team went back to the drawing board and prepared for their first league game against Pomona and defeated them with a score of 10-0.
Every Lady Olympian was able to get at least one hit and run scored.
This victory was the first win in the program in the past four years. It was an astonishing win which left the girls feeling full of hope.
The Lady Olympians then played against La Puente, which also led to an unfortunate defeat of the Olys with a score of 11-0. Pomona retaliated with a score of 15-1.
Following the series of unfortunate events, the Olys had another defeat from Workman. Workman was able to win with a score of 16-6.
Ganeysha was also able to defeat the Olys with a score of 10-6.
The past three division games against Pomana, La Puente, and Edgewood the team has been blown out by more than 10 runs.
”I expected more for this senior year but stuff happens. Although we had a bad reputation every game ended on a good note filled with laughs and jokes. The team was amazing,” said Captain Olga Ortiz (12).
Softball played Edgewood High and unfortunately faced another loss 12-11. Bassett was almost able to score a win. Just one run away from a victory.
After a very tough softball season it is time to come to and end. The last game of the year was against Ganesha which resulted in another loss with the score of 12-11.
The last game was senior night and acknowledged all leaving seniors.
Tara Chea, Olga Ortiz, and Fatima Hernandez were applauded as they wrapped up their senior year with a wonderful game of softball.