Sports League Update

Vincent Lee, Editor

With this school year coming to an end, CIF looks to releaguing for 2020-2021.
Bassett’s football schedule will be going through a significant change. Pomona has been dominating the Miramonte league for the past few years and it is time for them to move up from the league.
This will give a chance for the other schools in the Miramonte league to win the title of league champion.
The football onkly league will now only consist of four schools, Bassett, Garey, La Puente, and Ganesha.
Bassett, having a tied record with La Puente and Ganesha, might have a chance to move up in the league.
Aside from the league, Bassett will also be playing against new schools this year. These schools include Artesia, Franklin, Workman and South Pasadena.
With new changes to the league and the recent addition of a new coach, could this be the fresh start that Bassett needed?
So far, there have not been any major changes in the leagues of the other sports.
There have been many major accomplishments by the sport programs this year.
Softball has finally won a game after many years.
Badminton has been undefeated and became the league champions after 29 years. Half of the team qualified for CIF individuals.
Cross Country is now on a four year streak of being undefeated. They also hosted the very first home race at Bassett.
Volleyball has been crowned league champions for the second year in a row.
After football season, the Miramonte league will return to normal with Pomona rejoining the rest of the team sports.