Summer Vacation Spots

Evelyn Velasco, Writer

 Summer vacation is the best time to explore the world. It’s great to learn new things, and what better way is there than to experience it yourself.

         Mexico is a great place to visit as there are many cities that are very cultural and contain many ancient sites. There’s also many students whose family is from Mexico, so they could tell you about their hometown.

         Zacatecas is located northwest of Mexico City. The state has an old mine named Mina del Eden, which is what it’s known for.

         “The state has many ancient-looking buildings everywhere you look. There are many mines where you can go down and see a lot of crystals, as well as secret nightclubs and bars,” exclaims Rosie Caldera (11).

          Cancun is one of the most famous vacation spots in Mexico due to beaches there. It’s the perfect place to relax during the summer. There is even an aquarium for the whole family to visit, as well as the usual water themed activities such as snorkeling and jet skiing.

            Playa Delfines is one of the most famous beaches in Cancun. Not only does it appear magical with the warm sand and clear water, but it is also luxurious. You are able to purchase fruit and drinks from vendors, including beer.

            Mexico City is the capital of the state, known for the Templo Mayor, an Aztec temple from the 13th century. An interesting place to visit there are the historic murals painted by Diego Rivera at the Palacio Nacional.

           Puerto Vallarta is a famous vacation next to Cancun. It is a resort town near in the Jalisco state. Puerto Vallarta has a beach called Playa de Los Muertos. It earned its name due to an old legend that involves pirates. There are reports of skeletons that were found when the hotels were being built.

              Live it up in Guadalajara! Guadalajara is located in Jalisco, home of mariachi music and tequila, and is actually the capital of the state. Guadalajara is also home to the largest indoor market in all of Latin America called Mercado Libertad or even Mercado San Juan de Dios.

                “The best part of going shopping in Guadalajara is all the ceramic souvenirs and other handcrafted items. There are many famous destinations to visit as well,” declares Carlos Hernandez (9).

                   Palacio del Gobierno is home to murals painted by Josè Clemente Orozco. Museums, such as the Museo de Arte Huichol, offer artisan wares, which make up the best parts of the art galleries. The museum also sells a few crafts such as the ones found in the marketplaces.

                  Mexico is filled with a bunch of unique marketplaces and beaches that are worth seeing in person. Traveling in general always helps create new and unforgettable experiences every time. Even by revisiting a vacation spot, there is always something new, adding to those experiences.