The Intruder

The Intruder

The Intruder

Evelyn Velasco, Writer

         Dennis Quaid stars as Charlie, a man strangely obsessed with his home. He begins to torment Scott and Annie Russell (new owners) to get his property.

           Since meeting Charlie, Scott knew there was something off about him, particularly his obsession with Annie. Of course Annie is obvious to Charlie’s behavior, causing a sense of frustration among Scott and the audience.

             Charlie keeps demonstrating even more disturbing behavior, going out of his way to get Scott out of the house. Dennis Quaid definitely played the role very well, a complete contrast to previous films he’s starred in.

                 “The plot is somewhat simple, following the somewhat stalkerish vibe, with Charlie seemingly watching Scott and Annie from the woods outside the house,” states Stephanie Mercado (11).

                Of course, a scary movie comes with jump scares. In this case, there was not much effort put into them. The most common being Charlie appearing in a flash when lightning strikes, at the lights flickered on and off, so they were almost expected.

                 The acting in the movie was amazing despite the plot being nothing special. The audience could really deal the tension between the characters, as well as fear.

                  The ending was great, really adding to the suspense that was already presented once Charlie finally snapped. It really leaves you wondering whether he was captured or not. There is no knowledge of what happens with Scott and Annie either.