“13 Reasons Why” Gave Me 14 Reasons to Not Watch

“Should’ve Stopped at Season 1”


Anthony Padilla

Where can I begin with a series that doesn’t even know where to begin itself? If you haven’t seen the newest season of Netflix’s “magnum opus,” don’t. Just don’t. Why would you bother turning your device on to watch it? Just leave it off, and stare at the black screen, because even that is a better form of entertainment than this “emotional roller coaster of nothingness” as said by Joseph Miranda, 11th.

For once, apparently the internet is united, even for this very quick moment. Getting a well deserved 6% on Rotten Tomatoes, while the audience score was about a 50/50 split (then the Neanderthals on Google who gave it a 94% but we don’t talk about them). Clearly, something went wrong with this season, or maybe there was always something wrong that took three seasons to fully blossom and give us this, this waste of electricity to have its pixels on screen.

But unlike the show, I wont just be shoehorning ideas into you, instead, I’ll actually give reasons for my rant. Time to go down the list of grievances I have about this “show.” How about we talk about it’s focus on traumas? I mean it is supposed to be a drama, but you have to have characters for drama, right? Unless you’re 13 reasons why, where they both intersect, where your characters are nothing but empty shells with their trauma. Which not only makes for a terrible written show, but also goes against its message, Romanticizing having problems and trauma.

Can we talk about the fact that this season humanizes a rapist? Or are we going to continue making various characters gay? Our season antagonist gay? “Wait he’s gay? How sad.” Yet he still brutally abused a helpless classmate. Zach and Hannah in the 2nd season and now Zach and Chloe? I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes down the list of our female cast in the next season. With all these secret relationships he’s having how does he even have time for practice? Or the atrocity that is the seasons m**********n episode, claiming to be woman empowerment in a murder mystery show? Honestly, I could continue this sarcastic tone throughout, but now I’ll put aside my personal emotions and explain.

It’s become clear in this newest season of 13 reasons why that this show isn’t pushing story first. It feels more like they have a simple general concept for a story, such as Bryce’s death, and attempt to cram as much sjw (social justice warrior) or political ideas they can -woman empowerment, immigration, bullying, drug abuse. Now, it isn’t wrong to address these subjects by any means, but when they hold priority over the narrative, interrupting the flow, that’s when it becomes a negative. Perhaps if the show’s flow was better, and less confusing constantly switching between present and past, could help its narrative. Once again, this goes back to the fact that each character only represents a trauma.

The conflicts the show covers teeter on the edge of realism and straight up impracticality. Real-life situations such as school shootings are included, but handled with a character redemption arc, when a complex buddy system used to handle Tyler, the reality is lost. Please. If you know someone who has the intent to do such thing, don’t attempt to redeem them, or stand in front of their gun, call the police.

Not even worth mentioning is the new character Ani, who everyone equally despises since not only is her entire character forced into the narrative of the show, but extremely irritating consequences follow, such as her being ignorant to the first 2 seasons of the show,  causing only turmoil and agitation throughout the season. And she’s somehow everywhere at once.

This entire season, is one huge retcon of the entire show. Not only do the characters go against their core beliefs without second thought, the show goes against its entire theme, and not tastefully or purposefully. The entirety of the series up until season three was centered around a central focus: uncovering the truth, no matter what. A strong pusher of this idea was Clay, along with Jessica.

And now, in our third season, our characters are covering up their own faults, covering up their own terrible secrets. They essentially became what they wanted to destroy. People covering up their terrible secrets. And now they’re covering up a murder. And for the record, the murderer had no solid motive, and the entire season was dragged on. “unnecessary and terrible writing.”(Ivan, 10th)

So now, a moment of silence, not only for the remembrance of all the lost hours from watching this trash heap.