Common Sense is Fashion Sense

What's trending in the world of personal expression?

Angel Ramirez

Where do you usually shop for clothes? Do you shop full-priced or discount/sales? Do you prefer to shop online or do you prefer to physically? Well these are the type of questions that I asked each class of shopper these questions.Here’s their response.

  Online Must Have: These shoppers have the apps and fashion alerts 24/7. They are inspired and impulsive as they are surrounded with never ending shopping and sales. Want it? It only takes a credit card and with the magic of the internet the latest fashion comes to these savvy shoppers. These shoppers benefit from flash sales.

Yolanda Gutierrez is an online must have shopper. She shops online at full price. “She usually gets her clothes from Forever 21, and Hollister.”

The impulsive shopper lurks down mall walkways waiting for the clothes to call to them. Magic is made when the gotta have it feeling matches with fit. These shoppers benefit from being rewards members and taking advantage of loyalty points.

Vanessa Martinez is an impulsive shopper. She said, “she doesn’t prefer online since she can find the right size and is easier” in person. She’s okay full priced merch, but she gets discounts on her favorite brand.” She explains,  “I go to Hollister for my jeans,Forever 21 for jackets and Tilley’s since they carry all my favorite brands.”

Wheeler and Dealer Bargain Hunter is constantly on the hunt for the perfect sale and can calculate percentages off with lightning speed. They know the clearance rack’s location at all your favorite stores and even the best days to shop.

Davina Torres is a deal hunter. She admits, I’m a  “save as much money possible type of shopper.” I shop at “DD’s Discount,Wal-Mart,Target,  and Ross”. She also said that she goes to those specific stores since, “the stores are close to my house,” but all brag about their discounted merch.