FAFSA: What You Need To Know

Sofia Argueta

Many of the Bassett Senior students are applying for FAFSA. FAFSA (Free Application Federal Student Aid) is free to apply for. Many people take a few days or more to complete it. Kevin Meza has not finished his FAFSA application, and he states, “It has been taking me so far, three days, and I have started only to fill out little by little”. Students have their doubts about applying for FASFA since they don’t know if it is worth their time. However, there are some students who understand how important or “worth it” applying may be. Martir Argueta stated, “I think it’s worth it because the amount of benefits FAFSA provides can help a lot”. FAFSA has many benefits, for example, they provide; access to grants, loans, and work-study funds from the federal government.

People find applying for FAFSA a bit irritating. This may be because of the amount of work or time it takes to apply. Kevin Meza and Adrian Ramirez both said that “the length” was the part that annoyed them the most about applying for FAFSA. While it is important to apply for FAFSA each year because your financial situation may change, some students also believe that applying for FAFSA per year is very irritating as well. Many students may find it irritating or stressful that some colleges have deadlines for FAFSA applications.

To qualify for FAFSA, you are required to be a valid U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen. You also need to have; a valid social security number, you must have higher than a 2.0 GPA, a high school diploma or GED, and you must be accepted as a student in a degree or certificate program.

There are many students that misunderstand FAFSA, they believe that FAFSA is a loan. However, FAFSA is not a student loan, but you need FAFSA to apply for a student loan. FAFSA provides grants like PEL grants. For Cal State, they provide $5,742, and for U.C. they provide, $12,570. Cal grant A helps pay for tuition and fees for four-year colleges. Cal grant B provides up to $1,672 in living fees in addition to Cal grant A.