How Halloween was fun before?

Has the spirit of Halloween been exorcised?


Joseph Miranda

Imagine back when you were a kid going out Trick-or-Treating with your family dressed up like the coolest Pokémon character or Kim Possible and getting pillowcases full of candy living your best life then going to school thinking you were the coolest person there because your parents let you wear your costume.

You even got candy from your teachers because they thought you were adorable. The day finished with your parents taking millions of photos of you in your costume with your siblings because they wanted to have the memories forever.

Jazmin Ramirez 10th remembers, ‘’My costumes were fun and usually characters from a TV show or cartoon and of course princess… just whatever I was feeling at the time.’’

Sadly, those days of getting pillowcases of candy and Pokémon costumes are over. Now it’s all about who can wear a costume that shows the most skin or who can scare the most people. With people using Halloween as an excuse to hide in bushes and scare those with clown phobias.

It feels like every year teens test the limits wearing shorter and sexier costumes. Halloween has become slut-o-ween, with girls coming to school in something closer to lingerie than a costume

57% of students say they like to see girls dress more revealing for Halloween while 42% say they don’t like it when girls wear more revealing costumes.

People now just care about how sexy someone can be in a costume instead of caring about the fun that goes into the holiday. It also doesn’t help that fashion outlets post pictures on social media of new costumes they have for teens that are only two pieces of cloth that show off the stomach or a skirt that shows off legs. They don’t even have an age group for teens, shoppers are either a little girl or a grown woman

Betzy Barron 11th says “Fashion Nova has posted pictures of new sexy open costumes that are not entirely for our age.’’

Just enjoy the holiday while you’re young and have lots of fun!