HydroFlasksksks Invasion

Here come the Starbucks addicts and scrunchy enthusiasts

HydroFlasksksks Invasion

Anthony Galvan

Have you seen those brightly colored water bottles around Bassett? The ones that look like military grade weapons? They will most likely have stickers of pop culture icons and tv show characters. These are Hydroflasks and they have taken the country by storm with their vibrant colors and their abilities to keep water cold all day. Many people put stickers on their Hydro Flask to give it a sense of their personality. The Hydro Flask is associated with the “VSCO girl lifestyle” which includes oversized sweatshirts, scrunchies, Vans, and especially Hydro flask.

Is it possible to be a “VSCO” girl on a budget? Hydro Flasks are typically a more expensive, insulated water bottle. Hydro Flasks typically retail for thirty-five dollars for the standard twenty-four-ounce version, but they can get as expensive as sixty dollars for the sixty-four ounce. Compare this to a rival bottle maker, Thermo Flask, whose price is significantly higher. The twenty-four-ounce Thermo Flask bottle retails for twenty dollars and the sixty-four-ounce Thermo Flask bottle retails for forty dollars. The Hydro Flask has a higher retail value than Thermo Flask which is arguably the same product.

Denise Luviano (11) says that she got the Thermoflask because, “It was just cheaper. I would drink a lot of water and wanted a good water bottle for a good price. Honestly, I think it’s (the thermoflask) is pretty much the same. I think people just buy Hydroflask for the brand name. Hydroflask does have cuter colors.” She also had to say that Honestly, Hydroflask aren’t worth the money. Some of my friends paid around 50 dollars for their Hydroflask while I only paid 20 for mine.

Erika Umana (10) said she bought her Hydroflask because, “I wanted to match with her friends. I also wanted to be a “VSCO girl”. She says it’s worth the investment “because they actually keep my water cold for a very long and keeps me hydrated during tennis practice with cold water.” She paid 50 dollars, but admits it was worth the money because it’s durable, they have a variation of colors, and it gives me clout.”

One of the benefits of having your own bottle is the easy personalization that comes with it. Joshua Alvarez (11) has the forty-ounce olive Hydroflask. The stickers on his Hydroflask is reflective of his personality. He has stickers of Batman, Streetwear brands and novelty stickers.

Overall, if you could afford a HydroFlask, you should probably buy one. The two water-refilling stations in Bassett makes it easy and convenient to carry around water in a Hydroflask. They’re customizable, cute, and according to students at Bassett, they are worth it.