Shoe Vibes

How important are your pumped up kicks?


Sofia Argueta

Many teenagers care about what they wear, because of this, many teens pay a lot to get the newest shoes or the trendiest shoes. The people at Bassett seem to care a bit about wearing the trendiest shoes. Most people at Bassett could be seen wearing the black “old skool” vans. The most amount of money people are spending on shoes are $93.97 for the Nike Air Jordan 1.

People also seem to be clean freaks when it comes to their shoes. For example; people don’t walk normally, or they do some type of waddle just so they don’t crease their shoes. It’s quite odd to the generation before, because people used to step on each other’s shoes to get them dirty and nowadays people do everything to keep their shoes clean.

People don’t wear athletic shoes often, or they just don’t care much for athletic shoes. It seems that people just have different opinions on athletic shoes, Vanessa Solis stated, “either the Adidas superstars or the Nike Air maxes”. However, Alexandra Ortega and Mrs. Naluis both stated that they do not wear athletic shoes.

Everyone at Bassett has different opinions on shoes. However, when it comes to which brand lasts the longest, Alexandra Ortega and Vanessa Solis both believe that vans or converse lasts the longest. Vanessa Solis stated, “converse, they don’t lose shape fast, and even when they’re dirty it’s kind of a look, but I still have my converse from 7th grade”. Alexandra Ortega stated, “For me, it would be vans or converse”. It shows that most people have the same opinion when it comes to long-lasting shoes