The Real Cost of Vaping


Joseph Miranda

One of the major stories in the news this past summer was the effect vaping was having on teens and adults. There have been many cases of E-Cigarettes blowing up while people are using them and other people getting put on oxygen tanks because their lungs are badly damaged. These facts help to answer the question ‘’Is the cost for vaping worth it?”

In the recent month’s many deaths have been linked with vaping along with over hundreds of people being hospitalized due to severe lung illnesses. Even with all the people being hospitalized doctors still don’t know the full extent vaping has on a person’s body. Then the danger continues to grow because people still take the risk of vaping just so they can feel a temporary high. This shows more in High Schools because students feel that vaping will make them cool and especially since its illegal for teens it makes them want to do it more.

Merely Vasquez a 9th grader says ‘’ Vaping isn’t worth damaging your lungs just to feel something for a quick moment’’

Companies that make E-Cigarettes know how to get the attention of the teens with using fun and interesting flavors for vaping in there marketing schemes. Teens hears flavors like ‘’Blue Voodoo’’ and ‘’Unicorn Milk’’ and many other crazy flavors and they immediately feel like they need to know how it taste and go to buy it. Some places don’t even check for any ID and just let teens buy them and even if a place checks for ID the internet allows teens to lie about their age and order them.

Ashely Moreno a 10th grader says ‘’ They make a bunch of flavors that teens want to try like, Birthday cake, Cotton Candy, and strawberry, making it easier for teens to want’’

Vaping is not worth the cost of your life so make the best choice of living rather than vaping.