The Spooks Don’t Just Come Out on Halloween, But Everyday

The dangers of the paranormal can be closer to home than you think.


Marina Costa

Halloween is now upon us and the paranormal activity fanatics are crazed about occult. People today record themselves and go to the most “haunted places in the world” to find out if there is an actual afterlife or demons/spirits among them. Many people love to argue that spirits are around you in your very own home and not somewhere far away. They also think that some spirits have malicious intent or if they are good willed spirits? 


Giovanni Alvarez (9), said, “I got out of my bed one night and turned on the light. When i looked around i saw there was a spot in a dark.  I do believe in paranormal activity because it’s apart of religion and the afterlife. The “dreams”, dejavu, and reality of seeing a spirit can be true and not at the same time. It could always be an illusion.” Giovanni spoke about how spirits are real and how they don’t do anything to you if you don’t try anything towards them.


Paranormal activity was and is always was real. If you don’t believe you really should because at the end of the day there is a life and death. Scary things happen all the time towards people but i feel as if they don’t like to talk about because of how afraid of it they are. To believe and to not is a part of life and of course, everyone has their own opinion.


Mr. Prieto, Art Teacher, said, “When I was a kid, I used to see this old man in my dreams and all my siblings would see him too. As I got older I realized that , that old man used to live in my house and passed away there. The energy in the house was never good nor bad but a type of energy I couldn’t explain. If you’re open to paranormal, we do live in a world that is unexplainable wether its science or religion. Religion is a major part of it as well. In many religions and cultures, spirits are seen as demons or tormented and not as good as some may be. I was always told not to mess with anything spiritual like a ouija board because any afterlife for can latch onto you and you never know what their intentions could be. It is hard to differentiate the two between real and fake but people give evidence and believe so much that it is real. ”