Volleyball Bumps It Into High Gear

Volleyball continues to Impress


Nataly Gutierrez

The varsity volleyball team is currently tied for first with Garey. In order to make it to CIF, there has to be a coin toss against Garey and whoever wins the coin toss will go to CIF as number one in league.

Making it to CIF four times in the past four years, it’s hard to remember that those wins came after 22 years of struggle. As some girls leave, due to family reasons or some just get hurt and can’t play, rebounding is essential.

Learning to hold on to what works, connects the team to its new varsity coach herself was a former volleyball player and BHS alum.

With a winning with a streak of seven wins and of two losses, the team seems to be living up to the school’s winning volleyball reputation.

Alexa Quezada, one of the varsity captains explained the team has more sophomores and juniors than last year’s team, meaning we have had to work two times harder to gain experience; however, I see this year’s team at the same level as last year’s. “Although our team is very young, I’ve never seen more determined girls.”

Coming from a small school with a younger team, Quezada explains that the girls are easily intimidated, but she says, “I want my team to know we are capable of anything. When we play hard there isn’t any obstacle we can’t overcome.”

Coach Brianna says that her team has improved since summer league. They built that chemistry with each other on the court where they can have fun and take a win.

One of the areas that coach Brianna is still working on is strengthening the fundamentals in all areas: passing, hitting, and setting. The are working toward their full potential as varsity players. It’s still a learning process, but when mistakes happen they are learning to “shake it off” and get back in the game.