Krunkr Is Blasting Its Way Into Popularity

Seems pretty fun.

Krunkr Is Blasting Its Way Into Popularity

Nancy Loyola

Is Krunker taking over? Krunker is a fast-paced, pixelated, single shooter online game that everyone plays!  Game streamers have made this game very popular and the numbers don’t lie.  Even at Bassett, players are hooked because of the game’s different weapons, maps, servers, and clans. Playing people from all around the world makes the game more challenging. Friends can play together with a special code. Playing with a friend can get competitive because you try to see who’s the best at snipping versus automatic rifles.

Leonardo Alatorre,12, explains, “I think this game became popular out of nowhere because of all the famous gamers that play it. I think this influences people to play this because the gamers that play are good and it tempts people to try to be as good as them.” (who is famous at the game?)

Others simply stumble onto the game after watching everyone around them play. “I found out about Krunker because everyone was playing it in the library and in the computer lab. Honestly I found out because of Jared. I saw him play it,” said Enrique Sanchez, 11.

There’s something to be said for scoring bragging rights with friends. Fernando Ramirez, 12, says “I love playing this game! All thanks to FazeRain, he started uploading videos and I started getting into it. I play all the time with the homies and I always win them cause I’m a G.” 

Fans see the similarities to other popular games, “This game is exactly like Call of Duty . I would say that more than 50 people play this game at school. Overall, I love the game, I just hate that it really lags,” said George Rivera 12