School Shooting Threats at Bassett

Anthony Galvan

School tragedies seem all too common in modern times. Over the last couple years, we have witnessed stories of school shootings on campuses such as UC Santa Barbra, Parkland High School, and more recently Saugus High School in nearby Santa Clarita. The thought of tragedy coming to Bassett is one that strikes fear and anxiety in most.

These fears came to reality on Thursday when a seemingly ominous message appeared on a student’s Instagram account. The student’s Instagram account bio read, “ready to cause a frickin’ massacre.” The threat read, “Get ready Bassett. Friday is gonna be a blast. Literally.” with Grenade by Bruno Mars playing in the background. There was also a timer counting down to Friday the 22nd which was labeled as the “Bassett Surprise”. The suspect also responded to questions about his alleged threats on Friday. When asked if he was going to shoot up the school, he responded, “Hey now we aren’t gonna talk about that dude, that’s a huge no no.” The suspect has since apologized for his threats and claimed he was joking out of boredom.


Vigilant students of Bassett reported the suspect to the Bassett Unified School District Administration and the Los Angeles Sheriff Department. The suspect is now in police custody and is suspended pending expulsion from the district. The suspect also faces federal charges of Terroristic Threatening which is classified as a felony or a misdemeanor. The suspect will most likely face a misdemeanor Terroristic threat. He will most likely get a fine that ranges from two-hundred dollars to ten-thousand dollars, probation, and possible jail time if convicted. Bassett is currently on edge as the school has increased security on campus. The threat is no longer credible, and students are safe to return to campus. This incident should serve as a reminder that threats to Bassett are not considered jokes and will not be taken lightly.