The Craze Over Boba


Salvador Fierro

Boba is referred as chewy tapioca balls nestled at the bottom of a cold flavored drink, or more of a milky drink.

Boba started and came from Taiwan, but Boba was invented in the 1980’s. Most famous flavors include milk tea, Thai tea, honeydew, and iced tea. All include the base, a sweeter, and the add-in whether tapioca balls or other fruity bubble add-ins.

One of the often questions and concern is that does Boba need to be chewed? Boba does not need to be chewed. It is all on you how you enjoy your Boba. Gustavo Medina has Boba about twice a week and chews his tapioca.

However, Boba lovers may have heard that those who drink the beverage constantly need to know they are drinking a significant number of calories that consist of almost all carbs and sugar.

The newest trend in Boba is losing the tea. Fresh milk Boba takes the caramel approach to the classic. A brown sugar paste is smeared on the inside of a cup, fresh milk is added to make a sweetened, caramely concoction with the classic tapioca balls.

These handcrafted Boba creations have attempted to rival drink king Starbucks on the cool drink scene. Anthony Moreno

likes “cookies and cream” while Laizza Padilla likes “blueberry banana”. With a rainbow of colors and flavors, choices that seem endless, and Insta-worthy creations, Boba may have found staying power.