Tom Holland saves Spider-Man from Sony’s Snap

How Tom Holland help protect fan’s friendly neighborhood hero

Tom Holland saves Spider-Man from Sony’s Snap

Marina Costa

Spider-Man is back in the MCU and fans love Tom Holland 3000.  In August of 2019, news spread that Spider-Man wasn’t going to return to the MCU because, Sony, the owner of the cinematic Spider-Man, wanted more money from Disney and Disney refused. 


Fans and actors all over were so disappointed over the fact that Spiderman would no longer be with Marvel. Tom Holland never said anything about the dispute until, a post on Instagram of Leonardo Di Caprio saying, “I’m not leaving.” 


Aaron Ocutlo (12) said, “Now that he’s back, we might even see some spinoffs of the Spider-Man movies with the villains.” As in movies before we’ve seen the same villains time over, maybe we could see new ones brought in this time around.


Behind the scenes, Tom Holland and Kevin Feige were the ones who orchestrated Spider-Man’s return to the MCU. They talked to the producers of Sony and made a new deal for the Spider-Man franchise to remain with the MCU. At first it was quite difficult because the CEO executives were having a dispute over money, mostly forgetting about fans. People just wanted Spidey back.


Spider-Man’s return impacted a lot of people like Dennis Figueroa (11) said, “ I’ve always been a big fan of Spider-Man and I’m happy that he’s back because (not even as a character but the actor) Tom Holland himself has impacted the MCU so much in the past years. Now that he’s back, I would like to see different villains come into play within the next movies like Venom, Sandman and maybe even Galactus. I also expect to see some more character development in Peter Parker now that everyone knows he’s Spider-Man so I really would like to see how that plays out.”


“I think it’s pretty cool that Spidey’s back because the only way to change the MCU timeline in the next movies would be in the next Dr. Strange Movie because of what it has to do with the multiverse. In general I’m excited for phase four of the MCU and while I don’t think losing Spider-Man was the worst thing that could’ve happened, I’m glad he’s back since everyone’s needs his friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.”, said David Vargas (12), giving his output on how he felt about the situation.


Just remember, “You can’t be a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man if there’s no neighborhood,” reminds Peter Parker.