Whats New With The New iPhone


Ricardo Valedez

The iPhone XR was a good phone, but the iPhone is a standout in comparison. It has a lot of new features that have people tempted to purchase it. There are three versions of the phone-the iPhone 11, the iPhone pro, and the iPhone 11 pro max. The iPhone 11 is $50 cheaper than last years phone and come with significantly better battery life and an excellent camera that is worth purchasing.

The new and improved battery life of the iPhone 11, Apple claims it will last 4 hours longer than last years iPhone XS Max. Although it still comes with the 5W charger, The iPhone 11 pro has an 18W USB fast charger that you can purchase for $29.00, Which will charger your phone in about 30 minutes.

The iPhone 11s camera quality is being named one of the best ever on a smartphone. The iPhone 11 has three cameras that can all take 4K, And switch between the wide and ultra wide lenses. This is a major factor for people who like taking photos and videos.

For $699 you can get the iPhone 11, which comes with Apples new A13 bionic processor which is a new hardware that makes the iPhone 11 faster than before. It also comes with two cameras with excellent quality.

The iPhone 11 Pro has a retail price of $999. The iPhone 11 pro comes with three cameras, Which

Has a regular wide camera angle and super wide angle camera angle. Also it adds a new Night mode for photos and videos which will brighten your screen in dark areas.

The iPhone 11 pro max retail price starts at $1,099. The iPhone 11 pro max has 6.2 inch screen, Which will be great for people who like to watch videos and movies. Also comes with the 18w charger and also last 4 hours longer than the iPhone XS.

When asked about their thoughts on the iPhone 11 one person says “It looks like a transformer”.

Also when asked about the design of the Iphone 11 they said “ It looks ugly asf to be honest, but i would still get it”.

When asked if they would trade their current phone “ Obviously i would trade my phone for the new Iphone”.