When To Let Pets Go


Fabiola Ortega

Letting your pet go is never easy. There is a certain time that you may experience the difficulty of having to make the decision of putting your pet to rest. Putting your pet to sleep when it is suffering not only is better for your pet, but it is better for you too. It may not seem like that at the time, but watching your pet suffer every day is not good for your mental health. Of course, no one ever wants to put their pet to sleep, but they may be suffering a lot and putting them to sleep might be the best option.

“I think putting your pet to sleep when it is suffering a lot, is the best option that you could choose. You shouldn’t let your pet suffer,” said Nataly Gutierrez.

The most common question pet owners ask is, “When is it the best time to put your pet to sleep?” The truth is, there is no right answer to that question. It is up to the owner to decide, whether, to put your pet to sleep or to not to. In this type of situation, someone can’t just decide without thinking through the process.

Some things to consider when in this situation is to ask yourself if your pet is truly suffering. Your pet might be in pain or it might be uncomfortable for the rest of the days it has left. Also, it might be hungry and not able to eat. In whatever case it is, the goal is to make sure your pet is comfortable when it’s still with you, and if it isn’t, to let it go.

The average to pay for your pet to get insurance is about $44 per month. However, it all depends on the breed of your pet and the size. Having a pet could be expensive in general, but when your pet gets sick,

it could be even more expensive. A visit to the vet generally, could cost about $50 dollars or more. According to ASPCA yearly costs for a dog is $235 and for a cat is $160. It would cost around $528 a year if you wanted to get insurance for your pet. Although, if your pet ever has an illness or has an emergency, the costs would increase.

Just for a diagnostic procedure, it costs $1,000 to $2,000 according to AARP. To get your pet neutered, the cost could round up to $150 to $250.

“Yes, it is important to get pet insurance for your pet because your pet deserves to be loved and you never know what could happen to your dog,” according to Nataly.

All things considered, if you choose to put your pet to sleep or if you don’t, there is no wrong or right answer. Do whatever you think is best for your furry little friend and what’s also in best interest for you.