A Strong Bassett Tennis Season



Whap, bounce, score, and repeat!!! The tennis team has made it to league champs. Last time the tennis team made it to league champs was back in 1990-1991 and it was a boy’s tennis team, but a lot has changed from the 90’s and this year it’s the girl’s team who has made it to CIF.

Girl’s tennis team has worked so hard to make it into CIF, they practiced for two hours from 3:00pm to 5:00pm daily. Coach Matt, also the wrestling coach, brought a season of good vibes and positivity.

They made it into CIF first round, but ended up losing the match. This meant that they played well considering it was the first-time tennis in years had ever made it into CIF.

Junior, Judith Rios agrees that this season’s practice paid off. All members held good vibes even if they lost a set or a game which was encouraging.”

Senior, Angelica Whisnant last year here at Bassett High School has made her pride about the fact the tennis team made it into CIF. Sadly, it had to be her last year, but at least she got to be part of it.

Whisnant also agrees that they’ve gotten so much better as a team this year than last year. The whole team worked hard this season. She can’t speak for the whole team, but her opinion on tennis is “it’s fun.”

The girl’s tennis team last game was on October 24 held here at home against Ganesha. The game was intense from time to time but in the end the tennis team hard work finally paid off putting them into CIF.