Baby Yoda Forces His Way Into The Mainstream


Anthony Padilla

All over the internet, one face has been captivating the heart of many. To some he is a cultural icon, to others, a figure that must be protected at all costs. Who are we talking about? None other than “The Child” from the Mandalorian, or better known, Baby Yoda.

Ever since the debut of the Mandalorian, this apparent child has been marked down as an internet icon. Various memes have a arisen from this beautiful creature entering the field of popular culture. Before bringing up some memes as example, lets talk about who Baby Yoda really is.

Baby Yoda, known canonically as The Child, is actually not a child at all, if going by our standards of age. Baby Yoda is actually 50 years old, far from what we consider a child, although in his species, he is a child. For those who have not watched The Mandalorian yet, warning for spoilers in the next paragraph.

Essentially, the bounty hunter know as the Mandalorian is tasked to retrieve Baby Yoda for a client. Upon capturing and delivering him to the client, he has a change of heart, and returns to save the lovable creature. Hence the show is continued following the adventures of Baby Yoda and his Babysitter.

What truly made the internet fall truly in love with this seemingly random character was all the memes that followed, perfect for multiple occasions. One specific meme regarding Baby Yoda that may annoy a few , was the “Fuit Gummy” phrase, which didn’t begin with yoda specifically but is now considered the main joke. Here are some memes spawning from our little friend:


With The Mandalorian seeing extreme growths in popularity, its safe to say we’ll be seeing more of baby yoda for a while to come