Bassett Band Spreading The Christmas Spirit

Anthony Galvan

The Bassett Music Department held their annual winter concert last week. Titled “A Winter Wonderland,” the concert featured performances from the choir, symphonic band, and wind ensemble.

The choir, led by Mr. Gutierrez, and accompanied by pianist Bryan Cruz, performed Christmas classics such as “Here Comes Santa Claus” and “Deck the Halls.” The choir consist of students from every grade level. “We projected the spirit of Christmas because we sounded really jolly. I liked how we all were having fun during the concert. A lot of preparation went into our performance as we practiced every day for months,” explained Joshua Alvarez.


Months of preparations went into the concert. Dulce Bravo claims that, “we practiced every day during school, and people took their instruments home to practice. I think that effort really showed with the concert”. The concert band consists of members from the Bassett High School Marching Band which makes it tedious to practice for both concerts and marches. Mr. Gutierrez said, “We are rehearsing every week. I mean we’re always trying to do a lot of things between football, marching, field show, and spring concert music. We’re really trying to juggle a lot of things at once.”


The symphonic band, mostly comprised of freshman and sophomores, performed “Christmas Day,” “Russian Carol Variations,” and “Christmas Classics.” The heavy basslines of the low brass and angelic tones of the wind section brought out the sound of the Christmas classics. Sophomore saxophone player, Dulce Bravo said that, “I feel pretty good. Everyone seemed to know their parts, and I didn’t hear mistakes in general. Dynamics were good and the Christmas spirit was out there”. Freshman clarinet player Andrea Moreno also said, “Well, it felt like a normal school day during class .I wasn’t nervous to perform at my first high school concert. It felt really fast because we only performed three songs.”


“AP Band” also known as wind ensemble, performed “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” “Fireside Christmas,” and “C’est Noel”.  The songs were peppy and were full of energy which was balanced out by the ominous tone of C’est Noel.  “I feel like our dynamics and tone sounded good,” said Junior  baritone player Joshua Alvarez.