Disney Plus Adds Itself To The Streaming Scene


Brenda Tuchez

Are you a Disney fan? Are there any Disney movies you want to watch over and over again? Do you miss old Disney shows? Not to worry. Recently disney has a released their new app… Disney Plus. For only $6.99 a month with a 7 day free trial, the app lets you watch any Disney movie or show ; new or old on command; with unlimited downloads on up to 10 devices. They even give you the choice to pay for the entire year all at once for $69.99, instead of paying $83.88 ( which is how much you would actually pay for $6.99 a month all together). Plus, it saves you an estimate of $14 a year. “With this money you’ll be able to pay for next year payment”. #notsponsered

I downloaded Disney Plus and every Disney movie that has ever existed is on there . I just watched the first brother bear and I cried of sadness and joy. Sadness because of the death of a character (Sitka): joy because of the fact that I was able to watch it again. Right now, I’m trying to watch every childhood Disney movie I remember. However, there won’t be any Spiderman movies available to watch on the app which is devastating for me and other fellow Spiderman Marvel fans. At least all the other Marvel movies are on there( except for the the Wolverine movies, X-Man movies, and of course Deadpool).

There are a lot of new shows and movies coming out on the app and the most famous one is The Mandalorian. The Mandalorian is part of the Star Wars series and is about the adventures of a bounty hunter. There aren’t many episodes yet, but it’s already a fun show. I watched the show and I got to say… I have never watched the Star Wars series, but watching this makes me want to watch it. The show is very entertaining and once baby Yoda or the child shows up. That’s when you know like its going to be getting better.

Also, High School Musical: The Musical series is on Disney Plus. I haven’t watched the show, but what I can get from the trailers is that its about how a group of students attend the high school where the high school musical movies were produced, and the drama teacher of the school wanted to create a musical based off the movies. I guess the two main characters of the show have history ( broke up) and they both got the parts of Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez. However the show must go on and I really don’t want to spoil the rest so go watch it.

I know a lot of people have downloaded the app and have only been giving positive feedback. I haven’t heard anyone having trouble with signing up nor the subscription. Disney Plus is a must have, unless like you can’t then understandable; however it’s a highly recommended app for all ages