Giving the Gift of Gaming


Christmas can be stressful for some people because they just don’t know what to get for their friends or family. Are you one of those people? There are lots of games you could get for your friends or family and one of the most popular franchises is the Legend of Zelda Series. They’ve recently released a new game called, “Link’s Awakening.”. The game follows the main character, Link, on an adventure, at sea. He gets caught in a storm and ends up on a mysterious island. Players must find and wake the “wind fish,” a creature residing in an egg on top of the highest mountain in order to leave the island.

While “Link’s Awakening” may be appealing to retro styled RPG fans. Gamers interested in platformers, may love a Super Mario series game. The Super Mario series follows the main protagonist “Mario” as he tries to save a princess named “Princess Peach” aka “Princess Toadstool”. Mario encounters some deadly creatures and serious bosses on his quest. Bonus: once you save the princess, you can always go back to any level you wish.

Overall, getting the perfect Christmas gift for someone may seem very hard, however, if the person you want to gift something to is very into gaming, you may want to consider what new popular games are out, as long as the game is in the same genre they normally like to play.