How to Deal With Finals Stress

Claritza Vaca

Finals are this week so that means the stress is building up. We all want to know tips on how to relieve stress and how to manage our time correctly, so we don’t go all over the place, and how to prepare for finals.


1. Take time for self-care like maybe doing yoga or meditation. Take walks to clear the mind and maybe even try facial masks and body scrubs because feeling good on the outside will make you feel great on the inside.

2. Learn to change your thinking so you stop thinking negative and start to self-motivate. Instead of saying you’re going to fail, encourage yourself and say you’ve done all you can and feel confident.

3. Take assignments one step at a time. Many of us try to squeeze all missing assignments into one day and at the end we turn in nothing because we tried doing too much in such little time. Instead, pick the three classes you have the least amount of work for so you can be done with that and the next day work on the bigger classes.

4. Lower your goals-not your life goals. Set small achievable goals that can be met that day example being on time.

5. Stay balanced during exam periods. Take breathing exercises after a few questions, during breaks stand up and stretch, if necessary, go to the bathroom and wash up.

Here are a few students who have put these tips to good use:

“I like to put myself care first. If I’m feeling stressed, I like to do face masks and body scrubs. This always helps me with my stress because feeling clean and smelling good eases my mind, but during finals last year I found getting up and stretching really helpful because sitting down for so long hurts,” said Alexis Leon.

“I go around and drive. I usually drive at night when there’s less people. Something about the lights of stores and the cold wind makes me feel calm like I don’t have to worry about anything else other than that in that moment, but during finals I eat well so eating well before helps,” said Anthony Corona.

“I actually use these tips. I found some last year when finals were coming up. They honestly help because when I’m piled up with stress, I go back and look at my steps. I use them even when there’s not a final. The one I forget to use is be honest, but honestly is the most helpful tip is taking my assignments one step at a time,” said Kelsey Aparicio.