How to Get Over A Breakup

How to move on from that ex-special someone


Fabiola Ortega

The ending of a breakup can be extremely hard to get through. Especially if you were in a long-term relationship, change can be scary. In many cases, the fall-out of a breakup can lead to depression or other mental illnesses. Although, even the most driven people might need help getting over a heart break. There are some strategies that scientists have tested to help people get over a breakup. Besides, there is no right way to get over someone you loved. There is no medicine that will completely get you over a breakup, but there are some steps you can take that can help you through the process of getting over a heartbreak.

“It was hard to get over a breakup because we were together for about two years and I got attached,” said Nadine Rivera. Trying to heal from a long-term relationship is probably the hardest breakup to go through because you get used to having them around all the time, so not having them there is hard change and it’s like you lose someone you love.

The first method is to think of your ex negatively, according to TIME. Try to remember something that annoyed you or something you did not like that your ex used to do. By doing this, you will start to think of your ex negatively and hopefully loose interest. Also, instead of this, the other method is acceptance. Accepting that you are in love with someone you are no longer with may be hard, but it is better to show your feelings then to hide them, according to TIME.

Distraction is also a good strategy to use when getting over a breakup. Distracting yourself with unrelated things to your ex will help you reduce the longing of them. Think of things like your favorite food, your favorite TV shows, etc. Not thinking about your ex all the time will help you move on and not want them anymore.

One technique to use in trying to get over a breakup is to surround yourself with family and friends. Being with the people that understand and love you will help you get through the tough time of heartbreak. Your family and friends can also help you distract yourself from what is going on in your love life.

“I distracted myself with my friends and positive people,” Rivera said. This is one of the best ways to get over someone because the less time you spend thinking about that person the easier it is to move on.

Overall, getting over a breakup might be one of the hardest experiences to go through. It may seem difficult, but you will get through it and there are better days coming. Make sure you take time to heal and to find yourself.