Rapper Juice WRLD Dies At Age 21

The famous rapper was found dead Sunday, December 8th, at the age of 21


Anthony Padilla

The News of Famous Rapper “Juice WRLD”’s death swept the internet early in the morning this past Sunday. It was a death that was not only unexpected, but unprecedented, seemingly out of the blue. While at first it may have seemed that this was merely another internet stunt on a celebrity, the grim reality of the situation was far from a joke. It was in fact true, that the young rapper had passed away at the age of 21, just turning 21 last Monday.

The Rapper died from a seizure while in an airport, and was not able to survive the medical emergency. As of right now the cause of death is unknown, but it was reported that the rapper was bleeding from the mouth when paramedics arrived at the scene. He was declared dead at 3:15 am.

While many are mourning his loss, some are making light of the situation with memes. Whatever the case, this death will now leave an impact on popular culture as a whole.

Some odd things to note about his death include: A lyric in one of his most popular songs stating that “We aint making it past 21”, seemingly predicting his untimely death. Perhaps a grim prediction, or rather a mere coincidence.

Another notable fact is the connection between him and other rising rapper “Ski Mask The Slump God”, who also had a connection with another rapper died young, XXXTENTACION. With X’s untimely death, Juice WRLD was a feature on Ski Mask’s 2018 Album NukeTown, taking what seemed to be a part made for X. The two quickly becoming close together, with Juice filling the hole left by X’s death in Ski Mask’s life. Now Ski has lost two close friends in less than two years, quoting they might as well take him too.

Alexis Castillon, (11th), states that “While tragic for some, I’m concerned that his death is just gonna blow up for very few days, just for the news to die as well.” Anahi Guitron, (9th), states that she feels that “People are gonna  bandwagon on his death, saying they were “OG”s when in reality they just want attention”. Both concerns are very possible, with a similar situation happening with X’s death in 2018.

No matter the case, may Juice WRLD, real name Jared Anthony Higgins, rest in peace, and forever memorialized in his music.