Tesla’s New Eyecatching “innovation”


Anthony Padilla

A few weeks back, Tesla made waves during the unveiling of the new Tesla CyberTruck. Tesla, a Car company known for being innovative and progressive, unveiled the truck as a representation of the future. Very fittingly, the car looks like something pulled straight from a cyberpunk sci-fi universe. The unveiling of the car, as well as the odd look of it, definitely sparked buzz on the internet.

However, the unveiling wasn’t the event that caused the most CyberTruck buzz. During the unveiling, CEO, Elon Musk, aimed to demonstrate the durability of the cyber truck by hitting the sides of the car with a sledgehammer, and throwing a metal ball at the window. Surprisingly, the glass on the window shattered, which Musk said earlier could withstand a 9mm handgun. The window wasn’t penetrated just broken.

With all publicity seen as good publicity, the demo failure could have been a demo success. There are no Tesla advertisements, so could breaking the window be a strategic stunt to build buzz?

The car intended as a “medium duty truck”, can go from 0-60mph in anywhere between 2.9-5 seconds. Seemingly a very powerful motor vehicle, manufacturers tested the CyberTruck against an F1-50 and the CyberTruck emerged victorious. Some viewers claimed it was unfair matchup so,  a youtube creator, Sean Szymkowski pitted the strongest current Ford pickup against a Model X Tesla and once again, the Tesla was victorious possible confirming the power of the CyberTruck.

The truck is stated to begin consumer production in 2021 and will start at around $39,000. While it is a while before we’ll be seeing these around the streets, the day we do might be a peek into the future of automobiles.