The New Wellness Center for Bassett Students

The New Wellness Center for Bassett Students

Joseph Miranda

When we came back from thanksgiving break, we were introduced to a new edition to Bassett in the form of the Wellness Center. The Wellness center is run by seven people named Angelie, Liandra, Stephanie, Charles, Emily, Sophia, and Amay. The center will be open from 7:30 to 4:30 every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and open during lunch and is in room 317. This new addition can really make big changes to Bassett and help a lot of students that are going through tough times.

Bassett was 1 of 50 schools to be chosen to have a Wellness center in the La County. They will be here for three years at Bassett and they hope to extend the contact for five years. They also have a pilot’s program that ask for student advocates to help spread the word of the Wellness center and to teach students to help others that feel stressed or anxious. The cost to be a student advocate is $200 per semester and you would have to attend a meeting per week.

Claudia Gonzalez a 12th grader says: This edition to Bassett will truly make a difference in the school’’

The Wellness center is a place where you can go to unwind and charge your phone and just relax. They are there is you ever need someone to talk to if you have stress or anxiety, or any issues and everything that is said is confidential. They have a registered nurse on site to help with sexual health and provides sexual health education, STD testing, pregnancy tests, and condoms for students.

Anahi Gutron 9th grader says: The center will truly help students who are going through tough times to make them feel better’’

This Wellness center is the start of a bright future for Bassett and for the students