The Newest Quirky Snack Flavors


Oreo is almost as famous for its crazy flavors as it is for its classic cookie status. It’s newest social media stunt has one lucky cookie fan winning 50,000 dollars for correctly identifying the mystery cookie flavor. In case you missed it, the flavor was Churro and the winner was announced December 2nd.

Oreo is not alone in the attention-grabbing, mystery solving flavor game. Starbucks, M&M, and Lays have all launched their own solvable mysteries in an effort to drum up new sales and spark social media interest.

Starbucks gave away creamer to the first 50 people who guessed their mystery flavor. M&Ms  recently released three new flavors: English toffee peanut, Mexican Jalapeno and Thai coconut, but has teased fans with the creation and removal of branded colors. Karina Naranjo stated, “I have not tried any mystery foods, but I would like to.” That’s just the sentiment snack food companies want to hear. Consumers may not normally be in the market for these classic snacks, but a taste test challenge invites friends and online communities to share the taste test experience making these tried and true products new again.