The Possible “Impossible”Burger


The impossible Burger

The impossible burger is a fast food sensation. Do you know what an impossible burger is? It is a plant-based burger meant to mimic a regular beef burger. Chemicals and plants products are  used to simulate real meat.

The impossible burger is vegan. It contains mostly organic ingredients and is fortified with more vitamins and minerals. The impossible is the top contenders in the meatless market right now. There is some concern amongst vegans however as the impossible burger is still cooked on the same grill as the stores meat burgers. Eslie Villasenor, 9 said, “I f I werevegan, I would fell disgusted to know that I’m still kind of eating real meat because the grease from the meat could go in the plant-based meat.”.


More people are choosing to eat less meat for various of reasons such as personal health concerns and environmental impact. The main ingredient in the impossible burger is soy protein. You can find the plant-based burgers at Burger King, Red Robin, Carl’s Junior, Umami Burger, and Qdoba. Little Caesar pizza is working on an impossible sausage pizza. Isabel Campos, 9, said,  “I think it’s a very interesting how it can satisfy your meat craving without eating real meat.”

Is the impossible burger good? Well, to put it to the test journalism bought an impossible whopper from Burger King and a regular whopper. When it came to looks, they, both looked the same, but that the meat from the impossible burger looked a little red. When tasting the impossible burger, it tasted plain.

Mrs. Henderson said, “It tasted like air and texture and charcoal from the grill lines” The texture of the impossible burger had the chew and feel of a regular burger. Most agreed it didn’t taste bad, but it lacked flavor. The lettuce and tomato were the dominant burger flavors instead of the meat.