Nostalgic Toys of Our Child Hood

Nostalgic Toys of Our Child Hood

Nathan Trejo

Over the many past years, we have and still are experiencing many new inventions that continue to change our everyday life for the better. A good majority of my class, 2020, were born in 2002 but 2002 isn’t just the year the class of 2020 was born, many major products that were created the same year

You most likely remember these furry bundles of fun, the Pillow Pets, these animal disguised pillows were every child’s must have in 2003. There has been an estimated total of 30 million pillow pets sold to this day, just to give you an idea of how popular these pillows were.


How bout this long-lasting, flavor bursting bubble gum, “Bazooka”, created in 1947 but discontinued in 2003, this gum took the world by storm. With the company’s wacky advertising to the general vivid design, this gum was the cool gum to have, that every kid wanted.


Many of you most definitely remember the Bubble Wubble ball. This wacky fun product made in 2014, was made of “super thermo-stretchtacular stuff”, basically just synthetic rubber. This life-sized ball can be inflated up to 36-inches in diameter, which makes it nice and thin and gives the appearance of a giant bubble or balloon




We can’t forget about the Furby, this is an American toy that was created in the early 2000s, released by Tiger Electronics. This product or toy resembles a hamster or owllike creature, and in its prime time of sales, it was considered a “must have” toy following its holiday season launch.



Finally, the hexbugs, these electronic bug-like toys were everywhere, in every toy store, in every commercial in every 2000s kid’s mind mostly because every kid wanted one. Hexbug was actually originally inspired by BEAM Robotics but was developed and distributed by “Innovation First” the goal of making these robotic toys was to give children a positive experience with robotics.