A Change in Subway

A Change in Subway


Doesn’t it seem just like the footlongs were $6 dollars yesterday, however the footlongs range from anywhere from 5-8$ dollars. The footlongs range due to what kind of sandwich u are getting. There are now ranging different varieties of sandwiches. Here are a few different ones. There’s a turkey 6-inch for $5.49 , here at Subway. Now we go back to look at Firehouse Subs, where a 6-inch turkey sandwich is $5.99

However, people still look forward to a $5-dollar footlongs. Subway is now backing away from$5-dollar footlongs due to a franchise revolt. Now at Subway there is something called a sandwich chain for the week. The sandwich chain is the only deal you can get a $4.99 sandwich still yet is not a footlong but also not a 6-inch, you can just get medium sandwich, which is a pretty good deal. The prices are reasonable, however according to Brian Prieto you can go to a different place for a better price & a better sandwich, way healthier.

Now you go to Jimmy Johns and an 8inch is $6.50. As I now look around subway is not that expensive. The prices have changed tremendously everywhere. No matter where you go the prices vary as you differ from sandwiches. Go to Chris’s and a burger special is $6 dollar’s, then you look at a sandwich which is about $7 dollars, no matter where u go the prices will differ.

As we end subway is the original sandwich u can get. According to Gustavo Medina sandwich is an “og sandwich spot”, the price is decent & affordable. So as in conclusion I mentioned a few prices, and that is what a few different people think or subway