A Good Season for Girls Basketball

Narely A.

CIF first round finished and let them say that it was such a great game, despite not being able to go to the next round. This basketball season for the girls was a fun one according to Alexis Mormon. She said that she is going to play once again her senior year and hopes that the girls go even further on in the rounds and eventually into finals to score that win.

Midway through their season the girls were looking solid in league. During their 6th game the girls pulled landslide win with an end score of 68 to 29.

The girls continued to play strong, not only during their games but during their practices too. Coach Bruce trained the girls through scrimmage games and drills that go on until he knows that they got it.

“Your playing on the court is good, but your defense needs to be stronger,” coach Bruce tells the girls at their practices. “How are you gonna be able to shoot like that in practice, but not at the game! You gotta give it your all at practice and in the game.”

Coach Bruce knows these girls have potential, it’s just a matter of the girls showing it on the court. Alexis Mormon says that during games she had been focused on not messing up during her time on the court so she won’t get yelled at by coach Bruce. She also mentions that the one thing she wants to work on is her three pointers. ‘No Pain, No Gain’ as people always say.

Coach Bruce will continuously push the girls to put in their best performance on the court and so far, it seems to have been working. Now all we look forward to is next season’s batch of basketball players and their performance on the court.