A Recap Of The Girls Soccer Season


This year girl soccer team has two new coaches: coach Gabriel Garcia and the assistant coach Patrick Beatty. They both used to coach BP United and have over 15 years combined experience.

The team has seven seniors with half of them as returners; in total, there are about 20 girls. The team is learning little by little and the girls have been improving on their skills. When the girls played non- league games, they lost all of the games, but they still didn’t give up and still won’t give up. The girls have 9 losses and 0 wins with all the team working together and hoping to get that one win.

They managed to get three goals in throughout the session. The captains Ruby Avila and Kayla Cervantes, both seniors who have played for four years, are helpful if they see a player that needs help, they help.

The team stays positive all the time even if they lose or the score is bad. The team never gives up that motivates them in trying harder and work harder in practice. Like Coach Gabriel says, “ Go hard with purpose from start to finish” or “play for each other”.

Captain Ruby Avila thinks that the girls have greatly improved in their skills and gaming over time they have become stronger and aren’t afraid to pressure someone for the ball.

Coach Gabriel Garcia has seen the confidence level of the team improve so much through the season…also skills level ( passing shooting receiving ball running and 1v1) improve from a scale of 0 to 10-6.