Aaron Hernandez Documentary Sends A Terrible Message

Aaron Hernandez Documentary Sends A Terrible Message

Anthony Galvan

Aaron Hernandez, star Patriot tight end, college national champion, and convicted murderer. The Netflix documentary, “Killer Inside: Mind of Aaron Hernandez”, covers all the factors that led up to the 2013 murder that ruined Hernandez’s life. The series did a good job at conveying Aaron Hernandez as a human not just a star football player who killed. The series is split into three separate parts, each covering different sections of his life.

Episode One of the documentary series explores on Hernandez’s life before he was skyrocketed into stardom. The episode begins with a recorded prison conversation between Hernandez and his fiancé, Shayanna Jenkins with his infant daughter. This interaction with his family is used to create sympathy for Aaron Hernandez. The loud “innocent” cheers outside Bristol County Jail shows the amount of support that Aaron had from New England Patriot fans after his arrest. These instances are good because they illustrate the divide that the trial caused in Boston. Episode one focuses on his early life leading up to his admission into the University of Florida. The episode explores the childhood factors that led up to Aaron’s behavior. These include having an alcoholic dad, constant hits to the head, and hiding his sexuality. Speaking of, the series dropped a bombshell when it brought out Hernandez’s high school teammate Dennis Sansoucie. Sansoucie claims that he had a sexual relationship with Hernandez.

The topic of Hernandez’s sexuality was a major part of the documentary. It seems like in the public eye, Aaron Hernandez is a gay man. A key part of the documentary is only based on a claim from a man that he hasn’t seen since high school. Are his claims valid? I would think that the documentary should have more evidence for such a bold claim. The way that the documentary discussed his sexuality was distasteful in my opinion. Hernandez had a fiancé and a child and it’s insensitive to them to claim all throughout the documentary that they were merely coverups for his homosexuality.

Aaron Hernandez’s use of marijuana is also widely discussed throughout the documentary. It was said that Hernandez was “always high” This claim is highly questionable as the NFL does drug test all the time. His drug use is used in a way to show the lifestyle of Hernandez.

CTE or chronic traumatic encephalopathy is blamed for Aaron Hernandez’s attitude. C.T.E is a pressing topic in the sports world, especially in football. CTE occurs when players take constant hits to the head. CTE can result in memory loss, personality changes, and behavioral changes. “I just know that CTE is the brain thing that happens after concussions. It’s pretty terrifying when you think about it, but that’s why we have thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment.” Michael Cabral said.