Academic Decathlon’s Amazing Achievements


Anthony G.

The Bassett Olympian Academic Decathlon team took home a total of nineteen medals and were also named the top scoring team in the super quiz for their division. The team competed in topics including essay writing, literature, speech, music, art, economics,  and science.


The two Olympians who won big were Rosa Raygoza and Aaron Oculto.  Raygoza won the most medals: six, including three gold medals. Rosa took home gold in the essay, literature, and interview portions of the decathlon. On top of that, she also earned a $250 scholarship from the decathlon.


Oculto won five medals, two of which were gold. Oculto won in: art, essay, interview, and music. Oculto also earned a $250 scholarship. Oculto was the top scoring decathlete for Bassett and top scoring  in the division. “Aaron and Rosa provided strong leadership for our decathlon team this year,” Decathlon coach Ms. McDonough said.


The Decathlon team consisted of eight members this year, all of whom were seniors. The year didn’t start off as planned though. The team was supposed to get the curriculum during the summer, but instead got it in late October creating a major disadvantage for the team.

“I’m proud of the team and every medal they won considering that we got the curriculum late.” In total, the team took home nineteen medals in total even with their disadvantage.

“Overall, our team was very successful this year as everyone won at least one medal,” said Rosa Raygoza. The team even improved in the ‘Super Quiz’ portion of the decathlon improving one place from last year.

With a team of pure seniors, Mc Donough is looking to sophomores and juniors to pick up where these winners left off. Those looking to join, now is the time. These decathletes proved gold is within reach.