Apps To Help With School Life


Nathan T.

Sometimes in life we get caught up in everything we have going on, and don’t have time to stay after school and ask for extra help from the teacher. And a lot of times most students just want to get their homework over with. If you’re like me, and hate complicated math, well I have good news for you, is a complex math website where you can search up any textbook correlated to the current math course you are taking, and you can even insert the page number of that textbook that you need help with. This website is great because not only does it give you the solution to the problem you are working on, but it even shows you step-by-step how to solve each solution. Another cool little feature about this app/website is that even if you still have trouble understanding a certain math concept, you can always reach out to one of the math experts on the website, and most of the time they will reply to your question instantly!

Another major source, which many of you most likely already know about, “Wolfram Alpha”. This application, launched in May 2009, is a computational knowledge engine, that cover multiple different subjects. The way this works is the application uses its vast storage of expert level knowledge and algorithms to automatically answer questions. Many high school students use this application for homework when they are on a crunch for time, this app is amazing because it is simple and fast to use. Once on the main home page, all you must do is pick a desired subject or select the search bar at the top of the web page and search up a question related to the subject then it will respond with an answer. Surprisingly this application is free to use, although it does costs $4.99 starting at their (optional) lowest subscription plan. On the homepage there are four main subjects and then list of less major subjects under each one, the four main subjects are mathematics, science and technology, society and culture, and everyday life.

Coming back to the math topic, sometimes we get behind in the lesson in class and the work is due the same period, don’t worry use photo math. Photo math is an application released to the public in 2004, that can be downloaded from the app store, or google play store depending on what phone device you have, and the reason this app is great because it allows to take a picture of the actual problem itself and instantly solves it, all you need is a camera! The app uses OCR, (optical character recognition), technology to read the equation and calculate it, basally just take a picture of the problem and boom, you will have an answer in seconds. You might be thinking to yourself, what separates this app from all the other math apps, well usually with almost all math applications you are required to search up the textbook, page number, and lesson. Now I’m not saying you should go out and try this but what if you are taking a quiz or anything else that isn’t in the textbook? This is what makes photo math stand out from other math application, you don’t need a textbook or page number to be able to solve the problem.